Lauren Labick Interiors is breaking stigmas and rules.

My mission is to break the stigma that you need to be wealthy in order to hire an interior designer. Interior design doesn’t need to be stuffy. Unlike many designers, I don’t require you to spend a minimum of $20,000 on furnishings and I won’t turn you down if you’re not knocking down walls. I help homeowners (and renters!) achieve beauty and functionality throughout their homes by working with their budgets. Whether you’re looking for a few items to be sourced, or want an entire room design, I’m here to help. Everyone deserves a home that feels like a retreat.

I have a passion for all things design.

My degree in Art & Design has allowed me to specialize in many creative areas. Along side of interior design, I’ve worked in the graphic and web design field for ten years. However, interior design was my first love. I knew all my colors at only eighteen months old, and I spent all my time growing up sketching room blueprints and creating mood boards from magazine and catalog clippings. I’ve always had a special ability to solve problems within spaces and visualize things no one else could. Every type of home project excites me and I am thrilled to able to share my talents with you!