Combining neutral tones is, in fact, natural!

It seems to be a common misconception that gray and beige don’t work well together and that you need to choose one or the other when designing and decorating your home. These popular, earthy hues happen to work very well together for one main reason: temperature. Yes, temperature! No, adding gray or beige to your room won’t adjust your thermostat. However, it will have an effect on your mood.

The key to creating color temperature balance in a room, especially in an all-neutral room, is to use both warm and cool tones. Gray and beige live on the same neutral scale. Your blue based grays are at the coolest end, and your yellow based beiges are at the warmest end. When they meet in the middle, you get greige (gray+beige).

Lauren Labick Interiors_Modern Boho Living Room_03

Using only grays in your room can feel cold, and using only beiges in your room tends to feel too warm. This is why I suggest using both! You’ll avoid the overwhelming feeling of such a strong temperature. I think most can agree that the best outdoor temperature is somewhere in the middle, between 60-70º, right?! The same goes for colors. As long as you evenly distribute each of your neutrals throughout the space, you’ll be feeling as well balanced as ever.